Bilou ...disponible en demi-pension ou location pour compétition de concours complet !

Cette ponette de 10 ans est énergique, saute 3 pieds et est versée en dressage ! L'ancienne propriétaire, Mélissa Boutin a connu un succès fracassant lors des concours auquels elle a participée dans sa jeunesse !

Disponible en location pour compétition 2012.

Vidéo sur Youtube :

Small pony (11h1), 9 years
old, silver dapple tobiano
(rare!). Three nice gaits,
extraordinary jumping technic
and style. She compete in
eventing since 2003 and is
always in ribbons even if
she's very small. She easily
jumps 3' and more courses and
she naturally calculate her
strides, so she always get the
right jumping spot, even if
courses are built for bigger
horses. Well trained in
dressage (extended walk, trot
and canter, shoulder in, half
pass, flying changes and
more). Bilou has a lot of
energy and heart, she would be
ideal for young riders who
wants to compete. Very honest
jumper, never refuses or
spooks. Never had health
problems, never been lamed,
she lives outside all year
long without any problem.
Vaccination, vermifugation and
hoof care up to date.

Bilou played an very important
role in the career of two
young riders : Melissa and
Genevieve Boutin. Thanks to
her, Melissa Boutin, 17 years
old, will ride through
Preliminary level this season
with her young horse and
Genevieve Boutin, 13 years
old, will ride Training level
with her new mare. Bilou made
them progress at an incredible
speed and allowed them to
acquire trust, stability and
experience. It's now the time
to let the chance to another,
because with time, the girls
grew up, but unfortunately,
not Bilou! Bilou will continue
her training and will be ride
in eventing shows in Ontario
and Quebec.